SugarCRM is flexible to integrate with third party APIs and other open source software including Content Management Systems such as Joomla. CRM applications such as SugarCRM can easily sync with Joomla offering unlimited possibilities. SugarCRM Integration with Joomla helps business owners to make communication between stakeholders and partners easier.
All About Joomla and SugarCRM
Joomla acts as an authentication & presentation layer, whereas SugarCRM acts as the powerful data source. To simplify this further, by integrating Joomla with SugarCRM, you can allow your users to view the information they need in SugarCRM via Joomla.
The SugarCRM Authentication Plugin for Joomla is a dynamic tool for adding unique functionalities to your SugarCRM web applications. This plugin works well with Joomla 1.5 and SugarCRM 4.5 or higher.
Using this SugarCRM Plugin, you can easily help clients gain access to your website. Your client’s may access your website even if they don’t have an account in your website. Administrator controls the fields in SugarCRM Contacts Modules that should be used as username and password. You can easily define any contact field as username for your website.
Working of the Authentication Plug-in
Consider this example. Your client tries to login your Joomla website despite not having the password. Here comes this plugin into picture. The SugarCRM Authentication Plugin for Joomla inspects your SugarCRM contacts module. The interaction between SugarCRM and Joomla is done via Sugar’s SOAP API. The plugin searches the contacts with a matching username and password.
If you have configured a contact to use the given username and password, Joomla automatically generates a username with the details given in the contact record. The email address from the contacts record is used including full name of the contact. Well, it means the entire Joomla user management gets passed on to SugarCRM for any normal user.
An interesting thing to note is that you can use Joomla to raise the security bar of the newly created contacts. The biggest benefit you get is that as soon as the username, password or active status of a contact changes in SugarCRM, the same gets mirrored in Joomla.