The best CRM software -SugarCRM has come up with an important announcement for its users. Well, the news is about the latest version of SugarCRM i.e. version 6 supporting Android, Blackberry platforms, iPhone and iPad.
The updates it is packed with includes mobile CRM features for iPhone, access to core Sugar modules, customization  capabilities to build streamlined, purpose-built mobile applications for field agents and other members of the modern mobile workforce.
The big display of iPad can be used for creating powerful mobile tool for sales, marketing and support professionals. With the all new iPad expert, customization becomes simple and easy. This new version is built on HTML5 enabling rich dashboards and other features of SugarCRM to be accessible via mobile interfaces like iPhones and iPads.
The portable CRM would allow you to access your data using your portable device like a smartphone or a tablet seamlessly. Below mentioned are the options for Mobile CRM.
Sugar Mobile
Using native app SugarCRM data can be accessed through iPhone or Android phone as long as they are connected through internet. Administrator can configure the field and modules that are made visible to the mobile CRM users. Sugar Mobile is available with every subscription.
All the benefits include access to customer data through a smart phone while connected to internet. Also access to various reports and integration with mapping apps is added to its feature list.
Sugar Mobile Plus
Through SugarCRM Mobile Plus, you can easily access your CRM data from a native application using office sync capabilities with a smartphone. It also allows you to store the CRM data on your device.
Sugar Mobile Plus is available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android. Using configuration tools administrators can also define what fields and modules should be visible in Sugar Mobile Plus. It optimizes the mobile experience by reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
The Sugar Mobile Plus is included in the Sugar Corporate, Enterprise, and Ultimate subscriptions and is available as an a-la-carte add-on for Sugar Professional.
Sugar Mobile Browser
Using Sugar Mobile Browser, you can access SugarCRM anywhere and anytime through smartphone or a tablet. Using Sugar Studio mobile editor, administrators can configure what fields and modules are to be made visible from a smartphone. This too is available with all subscriptions.
Prominent advantages include – accessing Sugar through any smartphone, including smart phones having Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems. Further, you can also access Sugar from any tablet, having iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems.
SugarCRM offers great portability for the smartphone users too. Be it an Android, Symbian, iOS or Blackberry operating system packed within a smartphone, this CRM can be used with every mobile operating system.