A CRM application allows you to manage data and also helps in making faster decisions. SugarCRM Development helps you in managing your data & information scattered across your organization. Being open source CRM software, SugarCRM offers businesses the flexibility in handling complex data. The critical data associated with businesses can easily be accessed.
Let us find what aspects make SugarCRM an excellent customer relationship management.
  • Flexible and Less Expensive
    When it comes to flexibility, SugarCRM is simply unmatched. Its intuitive user-interface allows you to manage regular operations within minutes. A SugarCRM Developer can avail the flexibility of this tool while designing any CRM application using this framework.
    SugarCRM is the best option available if you are seeking a cost effective CRM solution. Its community edition is available free of cost, whereas other editions are chargeable, but are quite affordable. SugarCRM can avail self-service customer feature without any cost whereas other CRMs like Salesforce charges for using that feature.
  • Amazing Deployment Options Available
    SugarCRM can be deployed as per your business requirements. You can select customer cloud, public cloud, Sugar cloud or partner cloud option to deploy SugarCRM. This open source software is based on PHP and has support for SOAP and REST API.
  • Better Control Over Data & Information
    SugarCRM allows you to control and manage your data. Be it keeping a track on sales or online marketing campaigns, SugarCRM offers unbeatable control over your day to day processes & systems.
  • Code Access
    SugarCRM is open source software so can have a complete access to its code. Anyone can use and modify as per the specific requirements. The community version of SugarCRM has received over 7 million downloads. Considering its popularity with SugarCRM Customization you will get the best value for your money.
  • Data Backup
    SugarCRM offers full relational database backup along with the support for ODBC. The weekly back-ups offered by SugarCRM are free of cost.
With SugarCRM, business owners can certainly boost their productivity levels and can bring down the operational expenses too. The latest versions of SugarCRM offer its customers, great features, support for social media, mobile platforms and much more that would certainly boost the businesses in all respects